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What is COR? How can I get COR Certified?

The Alberta Certificate of Recognition (COR) is awarded to employers who develop efficient health and safety management systems which meet the provincial standards. These certificates are issued by Alberta Job Skills, Training and Labour and are co-signed by the Certifying Partner in partnership with the Alberta government.

What are the advantages of obtaining COR certification? 

A COR Certification is recognition that a company’s health and safety management system has been evaluated by a certified COR auditor and found to meet all provincial safety standards. There are many benefits to obtaining a COR certification including:

  • Reducing workplace injuries and improving workplace morale.
  • Earning a financial incentive through the WCB Partnerships in Injury Reduction Program (PIR). You can earn up to 20% off your industry WCB rate by obtaining a COR Certification.
  • In Alberta, many companies now require that you have a valid COR in order to bid on jobs, especially within the oil and gas and construction industries.

What are the steps involved in obtaining a COR Certification? 

To obtain a Certificate of Recognition, an employer must:

  • Develop and implement an effective Safety Management System which meets all Partnerships and Certifying Partner standards.
  • Have your Safety Management System audited by an approved COR partnership.
  • Select an external auditor who is recognized by the Certifying Partner standards.
  • Achieve a pass mark (80% overall with no less than 50% in any one element)
  • Have the auditor submit the audit to the Certifying Partner for Quality Assurance review.
  • The Certifying Partner will then issue a COR certificate if the audit meets all the required standards.

Set Up My COR

Setting your company up with a COR is a comprehensive process which begins with setting up a health and safety management program.  We can make this process simple and easy for you. Here are the steps we help you take to get started:

  1. Call for your FREE one hour consultation
  2. Together we will determine where your safety program is at and add in what you need or provide you with your entire program.
  3. We complete the setup from beginning to end of your COR certification - including conducting a hazard assessment of your business, providing you with all the forms, safety manual, safe work practices, job descrptions and equipment inventory - all required to pass your COR Audit.
  4. Not only do we set you up with your program, we go through all the steps of finding the right COR Partnership for your company and keep providing information and support until you have your COR.
  5. We not only provide you with a program, we become your personal Safety Professional and you and your company are welcome to contact us ongoing with any safety questions and we will provide you with all the support you need! 
  6. Lastly, you will need a COR external audit. We can help you find a certified external auditor to audit your program.  Safety to the COR Ltd. have certified external auditors to assist in this as well.
  7. You will need to maintain your COR, conduct safety inspections, meetings and monthly job hazard assessments - we will go over how to do this with you.
  8. Perform yearly internal COR audits. We can do that for you!

How We Help

When you work with our certified registered safety professional, you can quickly and successfully obtain your COR certification.

You will receive (both electronically and in a safety binder):

  • 1 HSE Safety Manuals
  • 17 Safety Forms
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Formal Hazard Assessments
  • Inventory of Equipment
  • Job Descriptions

Our promise is to guide you through every step of the COR program, starting with:

  • Providing you a link to COR partnership.
  • Walking you through the registration process.
  • Providing a link to the online course required for COR certification.
  • Assistance in developing a ‘Letter of Intent’ so you can bid on jobs right away!

Our full service safety programs have helped numerous Alberta businesses obtain and keep their COR certifications. To find out how we can help you, call us anytime at 403-719-2424 for a one-hour, no obligation, FREE consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

At Safety to the COR, we use our knowledge and expertise to guide you seamlessly through the COR certification, faster and more affordable for the small business owner so you can get working right away!

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