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COR Certification

What is COR? How can I get COR Certified? The Alberta Certificate of Recognition (COR) is awarded to employers who develop efficient health and safety management systems which meet the provincial standards. These certificates are issued by Alberta Job Skills, Training and Labour and are co-signed by the Certifying Partner in partnership with the Alberta government. What are the advantages of obtaining COR certification?   A COR Certification is recognition that a company’s health and safety management system has been evaluated by a certified COR auditor and found to meet all…

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How can I get a COR?

What is a COR audit? An audit is a comprehensive review of a company’s health and safety management system. To qualify for a COR, the audit must be carried out: By a qualified auditor Using an audit instrument approved by a Certifying Partner in partnership with the Alberta government Typically, the COR audit will cover the basic elements of a health and safety management system and will include interviews, documentation review and observation techniques. How can I get a COR audit done? To arrange for a COR audit, you must: Ensure you have implemented an…

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SECOR Certification

If you have fewer than 10 employees, you qualify to have a Small Employer COR (SECOR). Our complete SECOR package includes: (2) Safety Manual (electronic and hard copy binder) (17) Safety forms (5) Safe Work Practices (2) Formal Hazard Assessments  Job Descriptions Equipment Inventory SECOR self-audit and assistance. How we can help  When you work with our certified registered safety professional, you can quickly and successfully obtain your SECOR certification. We not only provide you with your safety program, we will walk you through every step until you…

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Set Up My Safety Program

At Safety to the COR, we provide sustainable company safety programs to businesses seeking the highest standards of health and safety in the workplace. We provide a wide range of services to our customers, assisting your organization in designing, implementing and auditing your health and safety management system. The process involves four steps. Setting up your Company Safety Program At Safety to the COR, we take great pride in our customer-centred approach, tailoring our services to meet your company’s unique needs. Setting up your company safety program starts with: An…

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Safety Manual

We have safety manuals that ensure you pass your COR or SECOR audit!  Our Manuals are updated when legislation changes and our clients can contact us to get an updated manual when this occurs.  It is important that your safety manual meets with your provincial COR Standard for you to pass your COR or SECOR audit.  Our manuals have been written by a Certified COR Auditor for Alberta. 

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Safety Consulting Calgary

Safety Consulting

Need help getting started?  Let us provide you with a free one hour consultation to see where you are at.  We can provide you with next steps to whatever your safety needs are.  We can provide you with information on ISNetworld, Complyworks, Safety Programs, Auditing and even the services we provide to manage your safety program for you!

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