What is ISNetworld?

ISNetworld is an online contractor management database provided by ISN. ISNetworld is designed to meet internal and governmental record keeping and Canada Safety Compliance requirements, connecting hiring clients with reliable and sustainable contractors. It strives to create mutually beneficial relationships between contractors and their clients by clearly communicating requirements and expectations, leading to lower incidence rates and higher compliance numbers. This is done through:

  • Collection of data - The ISN network gathers information from contractors, tailored to each hiring client’s specific needs, including items such as: a management system questionnaire, injury and illness records, audit results, insurance certificates and much more, maintaining it in ISNetworld, a centralized database.
  • Verifying of information - The ISNetworld team review the contractor’s information, ensuring consistency with the requirements set forth by the hiring client.
  • Connecting individuals - Through clear and open communication as well as networking opportunities for businesses, ISNetworld connects hiring clients with reliable and trustworthy contractors to help ensure compliance with safety and procurement standards.
Why should I join ISNetworld?

An ISNetworld subscription provides many benefits to clients and contractors alike, promoting transparency, clear communication and sustainable operations. Some of the advantages include:

  • It saves you time - An ISN Network membership provides you the benefit of a quick and streamlined qualification process. It allows you to track your company’s information and receive notifications of any upcoming expirations or changes in requirements.
  • It provides invaluable networking opportunities - ISNetworld is an excellent business development opportunity. Companies can use their ISNetworld profiles to market their business to new clients as well as being able to participate in networking events facilitated by ISN.
  • Improves your business - ISNetworld drives continuous improvement by providing a wide range of training and written programs.
How can Safety to the COR help?

At Safety to the COR, we are well-versed in the registration process for ISNetworld and are able to assist you with the application to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. Not only are we able to set your company up with ISN but we can also maintain it and other safety registries including PICs and ComplyWorks.

To learn more about ISNetworld or to find out how we can help with the ISN registration process, contact our office today for a FREE, one-hour consultation at 403-719-2424. We’d be more than happy to help!

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