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What is a COR audit?

An audit is a comprehensive review of a company’s health and safety management system. To qualify for a COR, the audit must be carried out:

  • By a qualified auditor
  • Using an audit instrument approved by a Certifying Partner in partnership with the Alberta government

Typically, the COR audit will cover the basic elements of a health and safety management system and will include interviews, documentation review and observation techniques.

How can I get a COR audit done?

To arrange for a COR audit, you must:

  1. Ensure you have implemented an efficient health and safety management system.
  2. Join a government COR Partnership and take the COR mandatory course(s).
  3. Decide if you would like to be audited for COR (over 10 employees) or SeCor (under 10 employees)
  4. Arrange for a certified Auditor conduct your audit for COR. Safety to the COR Ltd. can assist you with this and have certified auditors on staff.
  5. Write your own Self-Audit - if SeCor certified (ask us how we can help you with this).

How can we help with your organization’s COR audit?

If you already have a COR with an Alberta partnership, we can audit your program for you. Some of the partnerships that we do COR audits for include:

  • Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP)
  • Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA)
  • Enform

Our qualified CRSP (Canadian Registered Safety Professional) can provide your organization with effective safety management systems as well as audit support in many capacities to ensure you are set up for success.

We also have a SMALL BUSINESS DISCOUNT to make it easier and more simple for small businesses to obtain their Alberta Certificate of Recognition. Please contact us anytime at 403-719-2424 for more information regarding this and the COR audit process.

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